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Sherry Mello


A native of New Orleans, Sherry has spent the past 15 years living between Colorado and South Florida. Having achieved her highest goals within her field as an executive assistant in the corporate environment, she has now set her sights on her latest challenge – a career in real estate, where she focuses on catering to clients looking for the home of their dreams along Florida’s Palm Beach coastline.

Leveraging her more than 20 years working for CEOs, senior executives, as well as serving the needs of Boards of Directors for both private and public companies, Sherry relies upon her expert attention to detail, outstanding communication and follow-up skills, and innate sense of style to provide her clients with an unparalleled customer service experience. After meeting and interacting with Sherry, she will become the obvious choice to assist you in one of the most important decisions of your life.

Sherry lives in Delray Beach with her husband where, in her free time, she enjoys her Peloton, gardening, cooking, outdoor cycling, international travel, visiting her home in Tuscany, and most importantly, fine wine.


"I highly recommend Sherry as a realtor. She was a consistent, quick and articulate communicator. Her ability to focus on the little details and go the extra mile was evident from start to finish in our interactions too. While we only had her help with a rental house, Sherry was able to listen to our ask, identify a pre-screened list of options, leverage her network and work through a negotiation effectively. "

  -Hannah & Stephen, Client

"Thank you Sherry for the exceptional work and follow up you've done on our recent real estate transaction. This has been a hard market to navigate and without your very professional guidance I'm not sure we would have achieved our goals."

  -John, Client

"My experience with Sherry Mello made finding a new property easy with almost little to no stress during the process. She assured me from the first day we talked on the phone that she would be able to get the job done and did just that with time to spare. She's a great communicator, very cordial, hard working and intelligent. I'd give her 6 out of 5 stars if I could!"

  -Damian, Client

"SMART, SAVVY & UNRESERVEDLY THOROUGH! We needed a "boots on the ground" realtor to quickly find, negotiate and execute a long distance transaction. Went through several agents who simply gave up after sending several listings I had already pulled online myself. Made one last call, and that's how I met Sherry. Her enthusiasm and tenacity hooked me. There was and still is constant contact on her part, endless electronic paperwork that we wouldn't have executed properly or on time without her hands-on guidance. A gem!"

  -Paula, Client

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